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Two granny sleuths with a major sweet tooth for baked goods, one dead fashionista, what’s the worst that could happen? Helen Boyko and Rita Hawthorne are back at it in the next comedy mystery, A Designer Death; book two in the fun and hilarious cozy mystery series, The Grammy B. Cozy Mysteries.


It was just another day until Rita spies a dead body through her telescope. Everyone claims that famous fashion designer, Angela McEwan, was just a tragic suicide. However, there are a few things that just aren’t adding up for Helen with this fashion designer’s alleged suicide. Going on a hunch, Helen enlists the help of her best friend, Rita, to investigate the death in more detail. What ensues is pure hilarity.


From holding up a secretary at finger point to learning how to break and enter, Rita and Helen bumble their way through the case. On the way, they recruit Helen’s granddaughter, Bree, into the mix as well as the reluctant police officer, Zach Micheluk.


Seventy is the new fifty in this wild ride of a read! Pick up your copy of the next instalment of the fun and humorous, Grammy B. Cozy Mystery Series!


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What does the world's worst neighbour, the world's best baker and a man in the world's tightest pants have in common?

They're all suspects...


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Bess and Mabel’s hometown is crawling with secrets…and these ladies hold the keys to them all. Gathering every week over tea to share their commodity of secrets with each other, nobody is safe from their venomous, wagging tongues. Not even little Bobby Black. To say that they’ve made their share of enemies is an understatement. So, it’s no surprise when, at one of their infamous afternoon teas, Mabel drops dead in front of Bess. Now it’s up to Bess to discover the murderer’s identity…before she becomes the next victim.

This is a complete short story, with a twist.

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Jordan Wood is an author who loves to write cozy mysteries with a touch (or more) of humour. When you delve into one of her books, you’re guaranteed a fast ride where you never know what twist or turn the characters are going to take.

She lives in Canada with her husband and two children. Her awards include: most coffee consumed in the household (she wins this every day), honourable mention (read pity award) from her son for best LEGO creations, and the person most likely to be late (awarded by everyone that has ever met her.) If you’d like to discover more about her and her books, you can sign up for her newsletter at:

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