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A Grammy B. Cozy Mystery #1

What does the world's worst neighbour, the world's best baker and a man in the world's tightest pants have in common?

They're all suspects.

Gloria's St. Bernard/poodle cross, Gunther, has gone missing! The apartment door was locked, her precious plate collection was untouched, there were no witnesses...

...and the police refuse to do anything about it.

Now, it's up to Helen and Rita to investigate the seedy underbelly of their hometown where possible dognapping cartels and non-organic toilet bowl cleaners lie in wait for any unsuspecting dog.

As their search continues, it becomes apparent that there is more to this random dognapping than meets the eye. The true target of this crime may actually be Gloria.

Will Rita and Helen be able to find the dognapper before something more horrific happens?

A Dastardly Dognapping is the first book in the hysterical cozy mystery series, The Grammy B. Cozy Mysteries.

If you enjoy light-hearted, humorous mysteries with razor-sharp, elderly sleuths that have a proclivity towards hilarious antics and situations, you'll love Jordan Wood's riotous cozy mystery novel.

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