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What do you get when you cross an overloaded mommy, an out-of-touch dad and a vindictive Queen Bee of the PTA?


A hilarious comedy of errors packaged into a fun, fast-paced cozy mystery.

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An overloaded mommy, an out-of-touch dad and a vindictive Queen Bee of the PTA. What do all these people have in common? One is missing and the other two might have done it. Who knew the schoolyard could be so dangerous?


Kate Anderson is a loving mother of three, a devoted wife and a good friend who does it all. On the outside, she looks like she’s gliding through her perfect life; but inside, it’s a very different story. No one has a clue about what is brewing underneath that coiffed exterior. Especially after she becomes the victim of a ‘Mommies R Us’ smear campaign.


Brad Anderson thinks that his marriage is just fine and there’s nothing to worry about. So, he’s quite surprised when he suddenly discovers that his wife is missing one weekend. He’s not sure how long she’s been missing, just that she wasn’t there to put the kids to bed. However, she left a casserole in the fridge!


Carmen Salaman adheres to her strict parenting principles and she expects others to fall in line as well. After Kate crosses Carmen with a cheese stick, the mommy war is on!


Now, it’s up to a burned-out police officer to piece the last few days together to figure out what exactly happened to Kate Anderson. Detective Manns knows that, although Kate Anderson’s life looked picture perfect from the outside, looks can be deceiving. After all, playdates, PTA meetings and Facebook can take a toll on a mom. The question is, how big of a toll did it take on Kate Anderson?


Housewives & Homicide is a fast paced, laugh-out-loud, cozy mystery that pokes fun at modern parenting. If you’re tired of being told the “correct” way to parent and enjoy characters that get into hilarious and awkward situations, you’ll love Housewives & Homicide.


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