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  • Jordan Wood

Six reasons why you should review cozy mysteries

After you’ve finished reading your latest cozy mystery book, if you’re anything like me, you probably will give yourself a little mental hug of happiness about how good the book was and then move on. Am I right? Maybe you think about it for a few more days (or a month if you became obsessed with it). You might even replay various scenes in your head but, for the most part, that’s it. However, have you ever considered reviewing that cozy mystery book on Amazon or Goodreads?

“Why bother?” That’s probably the first thought that’s popped into your head right now. Well, I have six reasons why you actually should bother:

1. It helps you keep track of what you’ve read. We’ve all been there. You read a great book, you put it down and then a year or two later you look at it and wonder if you’ve read it or not. Maybe your memory is good enough that you actually do remember reading it but perhaps your memory of the plot is a little hazy. By reviewing the book, you can look up your review and remind yourself why you either loved or hated the book. As an added bonus, why don’t you download my reading tracker to help you keep track of the book too?

2. The book is amazing and you want everybody else to know why they need to read that book right away. You’ve finished the book and you can’t wait to gush your thoughts about it to your friends and family. Sometimes they’re happy to listen to your thoughts (thanks mom!); other times, not so much. By posting a review on Amazon or Goodreads, you can tell a much larger audience why this book is their next must read. As a book lover, you probably are of the same mindset as me. You want people to fall down the rabbit hole of your favourite book and have them get lost in a beautiful piece of literature, just like you did. Now, imagine convincing a larger group as to why they should read that book. A little crazy? Yes, but we’re book lovers, that’s the way we roll.

3. The opposite is also true. You’ve read a popular book and, for the life of you, you cannot figure out why this book is so popular. Is it just you or do other people hate it too? By posting a review, you could be warning off other people about this book. Or, at the very least, let them know what to expect. Again, as a book lover, sometimes we feel that it is our civic duty to warn people away from reading the biggest piece of clap trap that has hit this earth.

4. You want to focus more on the book. When you know that you’ll be writing a book review, you’re more likely to be more attentive to what you’re reading. You’ll be looking for what you liked or didn’t like so that you can share it with your fellow readers. Keep a notebook handy as you read and, when you come across something that strikes you, jot it down to include in your review. Not only will you thank yourself for doing it when you’re trying to remember the book, other people reading your review will too.

5. You’re helping out your fellow readers. Do you read Amazon or Goodreads reviews before you buy a book? I know I do. Sometimes I quickly skim the reviews to get the gist of people’s thoughts about it. Other times, I read every…last…review. The point is, I find book reviews helpful when deciding on purchasing a book. It has helped convince me to buy a book that I might not have otherwise as well as allowed me avoid some doomed purchases. By adding your own review about the book, you’re helping others decide on whether to purchase the book. Which leads me to my last reason:

6. You’re helping out the author. Let’s face it. Writing a book and marketing it is hard. There’s no other word for it. People buy books based on other people’s reviews. So, if you’ve enjoyed the book, why not help out the author and write a book review on Amazon or Goodreads? Your opinion about that book just might encourage someone else to buy the book too. If enough people buy the book or review it, the author might be more inclined to create a series around that book…which in turn helps you out with finding your next favourite read.

How do you feel about reviewing books? Do you find reviews helpful or not?


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