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  • Jordan Wood

13 Halloween Date Ideas For Couples That Want To Get Spooky, Sexy or Just Silly

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably scrambling to figure out what to do with

your date. To help you out, I’ve compiled a couple of date ideas that should provide you with some inspiration:

1. Corn Maze. You knew this was going to be on the list but, c’mon, corn mazes are great for dates. You can wander through, holding hands, maybe get lost….

2. Horror Movie Night. Now I can’t stand horrors. Never have, never will. They freak me out. However, it is Halloween and this provides the perfect snuggle opportunity. Get some popcorn, hot cocoa, a blanket and the latest horror flick and you’ve set the scene that is guaranteed to land you some action.

3. Masquerade Ball. This one is on my bucket list, for sure! I’ve never been but dancing the night away with your masked prince will definitely up the sexiness and mystery of any date.

4. Host a Halloween Party. Meet each other’s friends, get a little silly and then reminisce about it the day after.

5. Carve a Pumpkin. This should provide some great laughs between the two of you.

6. Take a Ghost Tour. Ok, this one might not apply to where you live but, if it does, it’s a great way to enjoy Halloween.

7. Visit a Haunted House. If your city doesn’t have a ghost tour, it’s very likely a haunted house is set up somewhere. Walk through it together, laugh, scream, cry, whatever.

8. Get your Fire Going. Whether you go camping and get a campfire going or you just stay home and stoke the fire, why not try sitting around the fire and telling ghost stories? This idea is better when camping as it adds to the ambience.

9. Go to a Carnival. There’s usually some kind of carnival going on around Halloween, why not check it out with your date?

10. Be a Kid Again. Obviously, you can’t go trick or treating anymore but why not head over to your local candy store and try out some of their candies?

11. Go to the Theatre. Most local theatres put on some kind of Halloween play so why not support your local thespians and check it out?

12. Make a Halloween Dinner Together. Think pumpkin soup or chili or pie or whatever kind of pumpkin recipe pops into your mind. On the plus side, you can do this after you carve the pumpkin and you’re stuck with all the inside gunk.

13. Get Your Tarot Cards Read. Visit a local tea shop where they do tarot card readings and go get your tarot or palm read. You’ll probably be told that your date and you are destined to be together (at least that’s what I was told on a first date with a guy that I never saw again) but you’ll definitely have a fun story to share together.

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