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All I ever wanted was to be loved. Is that my forbidden fruit? Is it too much to desire?  I guess it is for me because the people I love the most always seem to end up dead.

Captivating baker, Sabrina (Snow) White was finally moving on after the death of her father. Abandoned by her stepmother, she is befriended by seven brothers who help rebuild her life and open a successful bakery. Now, at the peak of her success, things in her life begin to unravel again.

A murder spree endangers everything Snow holds dear and she is the primary suspect. At a time when she needs it most, two very different men come to her aid, drawing her into a complicated love triangle. She doesn’t know who to trust…or who to love. Will Snow fall into the arms of sexy policeman, Erik King, or will mysterious alpha male, Hunter Hill, steal her away? One can save her and the other will destroy everything she has ever known.

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Jordan Wood specializes in steamy, tantalizing tales that are sure to get you hot in all the right places! When you delve into her books, you’re guaranteed a wild ride where you never know what twist or turn the characters are going to take. If you’re looking for a fast read that will make you tingle all over, pick up one of her books and lose yourself in a world of erotic adventure.

When Jordan isn’t writing, she enjoys heading out with her husband on their own adventures finding inspiration for her next book. Addicted to new experiences, Jordan is willing to try everything – whatever it is. If you have any suggestions for her on new things to try, drop her a line on the contact page.

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